Solo gameplay

Hello! I’ve been playing this game for a couple weeks now. And I have some suggestions that might help us out. 1. Can you change the controls it is really hard to click swipe slide etc on things constantly and makes me want to rage quit. The game glitches out and I can’t close pick up anything. 2. The last couple days my things I’ve made have been disappearing or they destroy really fast. Before they didn’t. I’ve bought the solo server and the friends server.

The swiping controls are a lot easier on a bigger screen. I almost exclusively play this game on my 10" Tablet.


Yeah unfortunately a lot of ppl don’t have a tablet. So playing on my phone is harder

True. It drove me nuts for a long time, but eventually it got better. Not ideal, but I became more adept at it.

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Yeah I’m definitely getting better at it too