Solo Private server

I just got me a solo server. Oh it’s already helping me to learn more with the slow life. I played many times before and watched videos and pages to help get pass learning curve. Then I took a vacation from game a bit. Now I’m back and picking up where I left off like riding a bike. Once I get alot better. I wanna get another server so anyone wanna join to create my first town that would be awesome. That’s pretty much why I am posting to meet other players. I got pretty much basics thus far are at least what I brushed up on. Thanks for reading.


Maybe build a town next to Enigma? :sweat_smile:


hi mike jr. =) nice to see you here in the forum. on which server do you want to build your first town?

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I will rent one for how many ever months we wanna play on it. I would give invite code. I am hoping find a good group to join on fb or discord. Meet friends has same goals just to build learn talk etc.

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Gotta find us first :smirk:

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I know how to make most of the stuff if yu need any help building! :grin: