Solo town help

After seeing it a bit, I will be doing a solo play, but, I would like to know some tips and tricks for a maximum experience! Thanks’

Assuming that you will be able to spawn at the same location every time, and no babys involved, them you will be able to do a really solo game play.

Start by choosing the best spot for your camp. Them consentrate on geting the farm ready. A couple berries trees, and them at least a 3 by 3 stew farm. Them after making a couple of tews, your life will be nearly the end of times, but at least you will have good food sources for your next life.

In your next life, consentrate on on getting to the iron age. Make yourself all the tools available in the game and get ready for making a cart. A cart and a back pack are the ecential tools to get allot of stuff done.

  • If you still have a little time left, make yourselft a back pack. You really only need on rabit to get the forge going, but a back pack, thats a win win. Leave the rabits for later use as some delicious pies will come in handy.

In the next life, you will be ready to get to the next step. Is up to you to decide if you want to concentrate on making a sheep pen, or just to start building watever you want.

  • Only keep your stew ready, that way you have the perfect food source around base.
  • Only use the pies wile traveling or in a ny emergency situation…
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Am i missing something? But eve spawned didn’t work now,right?

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Yes unfortunately they don’t work any more.

I don’t know if he is going to have a private server or something. Other than that, he is not going to progress to much in time…

Will they never work anymore?

Thats somthing that only time could tell. We will have to ask cristofer about it…