Some Basic Suggestions

Here’s a few ideas I had for the game. These are mostly small improvements but which could potentially open up whole new areas of the game. Thanks for reading.

1: Stone Shovels.

Tied long shaft plus flat stone could give you a stone shovel. It would quickly break and would only be able to do the most simplistic of tasks like moving sheep dung, but it would allow a Stone Age society to reach sustainability by making compost. In this way a village will be able to survive, if with great difficulty, indefinitely in the Stone Age before getting iron. That way there will be less rush to develop and the appropriate infrastructure like town organisation might come in instead before any proper forging takes place.

2: Final Moments.

If you want to see how your great great grand kids got on then unless you read about it in the forum you’re unlikely to work it out. Therefore what if the game automatically took a screen shot of a player a moment before they died? It could be visible from the family tree and give a fairly good idea of how the old town was doing.

3: Compass.

This would point to the “pole” or centre of the world from which Eve spawns radiate in an expanding spiral. It would need to be hard to craft but, especially with the new telecommunications update, it would allow two villages to meet up within the realms of possibility if they are close enough and after sending some communication via the telephone device. A compass, through triangulation, could be used to determine a rough location on the map which may not seem important but is vital in the latest stages of the game where players must navigate vast strings of towns.

I hope you liked these suggestions and once again thanks for having a quick read through.


I like this suggestion!

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