Some Future Update Ideas

Some things I think would be good for future updates:

  1. Seed Pouches : Basically work the same as seed bowls, but could possibly be attached to backpacks. And would work with all seeds. Maybe a max of 3-6 seeds per pouch?

  2. Crates / Barrels: Upgrade to the wooden boxes can hold more items & would be good in storage rooms. Possibly good for keeping large amounts of kerosene & charcoal. && Barrels could be something more strictly for food items ?

  3. Bread: Loaf of bread should be able to be stored like pies as long as they arent cut.

  4. Adding pockets to backpack / Satchel for Baby: Letting us split the rabbit furs into four small pieces can be sewn on and allow us to hold one or two more items. But require us to use the needle and thread again. Satchel type thing for carrying bby around.

  5. Cloth: From a cotton plant ? Upgrade from rabbit fur. Idk if OHOL has this already, if so then nvm.

  6. Leather: Should be more difficult to make than rabbit furs, but make more durable clothes / backpack.

  7. More foods: Ofcourse any new foods is always great!

  8. Rubber: Currently used in making wheels, but would be nice to see used more like make more durable shoes ? (Saw idea from a previous poster, still thinks it’s a great idea). Idk I think rubber can have many good uses though🤔

  9. Lantern: Lasts long , but need to continue to add oil :thinking: something like that :upside_down_face: Would need newcomen stuffs to make & specific type of lamp fuel, so have to be more advanced to use? Would just like better fire management. In my advanced town I find the fire tedious. I have a car and oil, yet I’m makin fire like a caveman :joy: I like the torch but that also seems to go out relatively quickly, or maybe I’m not using it properly. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Maybe rubber shoes would allow you to walk faster?


Thinks that’s a great idea :thinking:
Give incentive to make them.

Cotton for new clothes is a nice idea. OHOL didn’t add that yet. They should be found in jungle’s. And leather would just be easy to get by killing a cow. That can be used in more clothing to. I think you should be able to put bread loafs back on the plate with broad to. And seed pouches can just be water pouches with seeds in it. Then you can add it to a backpack with thread and needle? Crate’s are basicly boxes, but barrels would be nice. I was thinking that you can store both liquid and items in it. (Not at the same time of course.)


Heres my posts related to ideas 2, 3, 6, and 8. Im almost positive ive talked about cotton to but couldnt find any posts for it lol


Ya for crates I was just looking for upgrade to wooden boxes. Crates may even require steel to make but would hold more and be even better for storage.

Hi Misty0007,
I love the seed pouch idea! And maybe have that the seeds don’t degenerate if they are in a pouch.