Some golden ideas

-gold Coins.
You can make 5 coins out of 1 gold bar.
Youll get coins by putting a chisel on a gold bar and hit it with a smithing hammer.
The coins are stackable and can be used as currency or recipes.

-premium tools.
Making gold tools that last much longer than the steel ones.
You get a "craftable gold bar" by putting a gold coin and charcoal in a bowl,close it with a plate and forge it.
After that its the same procces as the steel, reheat the bar and hit it with the smithing hammer to get your desired tool

-gold arrows.
To get a gold arrowhead you put a chisel on a coin and hit it with a smithing hammer.
You only need 1 gold arrow to kill a bear, maybe even in the future add a alpha animal that can only be killed by golden arrows, The arrows also have a wider reach

-gold parts for new advanced machinery like a iron mine with elevator or cellphones etc.


I think this is awesome! If you put a good use for gold other than bell towers and crowns and make it easily transportable via pouch like a wearable coin purse, you could have trade all around a map and even sell labor like brick building or gathering. Making circuit boards would open up the tech tree massively and long lasting tools would make it valuable to less advanced towns too.

Now I just need to figure out how much a crock of poo is worth :thinking:


Buuuut… gold is a soft metal… especially compared to steel… it definitely shouldn’t be tools, but I do love the idea of a universal currency!

Maybe instead of Gold tools/ gold arrowheads they could add Silver, for tools and as you suggested Arrowheads for special enemies! Maybe Werewolves😈


Maybe you stick a gold coin with the steel and charcoal heat up the crucible and get some kind of alloy that is stronger than steel.

Cool idea xD if they add werewolves players might get infected from bites etc and become werewolves as well

Coins would be amazing, tradimg is gonna be amazing with it tbh, great idea!