Some ideas about adding a cat


  1. Add a new creation – “Eurasian Lynx”


    Eurasian Lynxes live in Tundra Biomes. They prey Penguin and Antarctic Fur Seal.

    According to the website ( , the domestic cats in reality comes from “Felis sylvestris”. However, Felis sylvestris mainly lives in mixed forests, which is a biome has not existed in this game yet. Therefore, I choose “Eurasian Lynx” to be the origin of cats.

  2. Get kittens

    Similar to wolves, Eurasian Lynxes get pregnant after eating Raw Seal/Penguin Meet. During the pregnant, they still attact people and change to trace humans. They give birth to 3 different kittens.

  3. Kittens grow up

    Kittens are afraid of coldness and hunger. Humans are required to prepare a “Cat Nest” to keep the kitten warm. After 3 min, the kitten will grow up but it feels hungry every 30 sec during the growth. It needs “a bowl of goat milk” once gets hungry.

    A bowl of goat milk comes from a domestic sheep fed by a carrot.

    If the kitten is fed by “a bowl of whole milk” or “skim milk”, it will die in 5 sec

  4. Cats are semi-domestic and require food to survive

    The idea is based on cats in reality. It is still controversial that if the domestic cats are a new species. Since that, I illustrate the semi-domestic cats. They do not attact people or trace humans. Their own area starts from their own cat nest (movable by human) to 20 units nearby and attacts other cats that appears inside this area until there is only 1 alive. It randomly leaves this area to outside to hunt Seals and Penguins to feed itself and takes skin back.

    If there is raw or cooked meat or food that contained meat (such as Turkey, Pork Taco) inside its area, it will eat.

    If there is neither preys nor food nearby, it starves to death.

Thats looks awesome! Very nice drawing and good ideas, cats realy need to be added, we cat fans are waiting.

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I have waited for cats too long, so I start to image it by myself haha
There is another idea in the forum. That one also looks really good.

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Nice drawings :heart:

Lovely drawings. This might sound a little weird/evil, but what do the all the lynx types and kitten types look like when they starve/get killed? Curiosity killed the cat. :joy_cat:

Wrong topic?


haha since this is just an idea, I think I may not draw all the things (I am so lazy haha)
Despite the dead or starved cats and lynxes, there can be more types of cats, cat nests, cat toys and cat furnitures.

I really want cats in the game too!

I love this idea :face_holding_back_tears:

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