Some of the suggestions we want

First of all, I am sorry for my poor English.

I haven’t used it yet, but when I use my personal server, there must be an invit cancellation function.
Korea’s You Are Hope community has no choice but to post links in open spaces, and if we only play with certain people, there will be a big problem later (such as raising entry barriers for newb, etc.)
Recently, Korean users have been griefers (usually played together by two players, making us even more difficult).So they hesitated to play, and they began to pursue solo play. Because of that, users are looking forward to this update. However, if a potential griefer in the Korean community clicks the Invite Private Server link, we must cancel the payment and recreate the server. (We can cancel the server payment and not make the payment again)
In particular, they try to make friends to ruin the village. So I want a function to block them from meeting me. The village in Korea is fast developing, but it is ruined because there are so many griefers. There are many villages that haven’t passed a day, so Eves no longer have the desire to build a village to live with anyone else.
It would be nice to have a PC’s Lifelog public system as well The way to stop Griefer is too weak, so let users protect the town by their own power.

I don’t know if the translator would have delivered my message well. Thank you for reading it.


Im korean player too.
Because of this issue, some people have already left the game. Penalties for grifers on open servers should be strengthened. Korean users share this situation in real time through the Korean site and group chat application. Our Korean users hear the news of Eve users who are leaving the game because of the grifers. So I want strong punishment for the remaining users and new users. For example, if you are cursed three times, you will get a strong penalty, such as dying and not being able to connect for 24 hours. Thank you for reading.

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Korea doesn’t have any form of social media?

We have, but excessive intimacy always leads to bad results and avoids its use.

Oh, I see.

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