Hey, I am personally apologizing to Ben for the situation that happened. I honestly believed that apology to be you, and I even fought to defend you. I was under the impression this all was over with and your apology was timed to perfect. I didn’t see it and looked guilty for defending you while it wasn’t you.

Let’s not add to the stress the team has to deal with and move on. Sorry Ben that someone made an apology with your name and alternate account. Please don’t threaten me in real life because of it. :pray:


I apologize for anything I might’ve done too.

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I too am sorry Ben.

I’m sorry for killing your eve when she spawned in my city and then **** talking about you after the great war of the griefer started.

I should have never had my discord group kill your character, and I should have never said you were a ********* *** *** ********.

Please don’t hurt me irl either. I scare easily.