Space Age

How about this for a way to make the space age possible in One Hour One Life once we make it to around the 60s in terms of technological advancement. Intergalactic travel ‘ere we come!

So, due to the lack of night, the worlds of Ohol could be imagined as bulges on a huge ring of rock spinning around a minature sun fast enough to create the sense of gravity. However it would not seem like a ring because only certain parts of the ring which bulge close enough to the sun are habitable, making them seem like flat worlds for those living on them. Dark spots on the sun would result in the different biomes forming, as well as solar flares. Therefore a space program would be somewhat different to an Earth one if you use this model of Ohol. Perhaps you could even say that different servers are separate sections of this ring. Therefore perhaps a space program would see probes being sent up from these habitable sections to land on the more inhospitable sections of the ring, either too hot or too cold for life. You could send human driven missions or simply send drones to explore. You could even use this as a way of travelling between servers and communicating with them. If a European and Japanese server tried to negotiate some kind of space alliance, we might need a translator. By collecting stuff from these other sections of the ring, more advanced techs could be accessed, perhaps allowing for even further space travel beyond this “ring” completely. Although in a two dimensional game this might be a tad ambitious. As it stands space travel would likely consist of a hard to construct rocket which, after blasting off depending on its quality, would have a certain chance of crashing or missing its destination before it could touchdown.

Anyway hope you like my suggestion. Might be a fun addition to the game and lead on to a really futuristic age after many an update.