Spawn back

I love the game if been playing it for 3 weeks now alot.
But i dont want to start all over again. I want to spawn back and make somthing for my self.

Maybe with a lock on my house and a code on it.

The new update showed me also that there are almost no english players that know how to play the game.

Please make a spwan back, and a way i can keep my own stuff.

I dont think i can play this game anymore if i have to start over again.

I think alot of players agree with me.

  • want to be able to spawn back
  • have a lock with a code
  • be able to inv friends and make (add) friends

This is how i want to make a town. Its ok if its all on one server i would like to trade or go to war aswell.

Please make this happen so i can keep playing this awesome game.


Ur new best friend


@1hourben welcome to the game :slight_smile: what us server are you playing on? We have had a flux of new players lately. I think most of the more advanced players are on US2. We’ve actually been able to accomplish pretty advanced towns and a partial successful system of respawning to each other. For hours at a time.


Still u will never see the town again and the town will die out cause people dont play 24/7 and there are not enough players

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MrBen. It’s all about eves. If the eve lives up to 60, she will be able to respawn in the city. If YOU are the eve, you have to make sure you live, because you will be able to respawn. I agree, it’s cool when your family reaches 9990 gens, but in those millions of people the only truly important person there will always be the eve.


Better just one giant city then with 2000 players

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@1hourben that’s an opinion. I rather like playing as eve on a blank server with 3-4 other people. To me, city living is less fun.


Make sure to set a home marker too when eve spawning. If there are no other mothers to be born to you will spawn on the home marker next time as an Eve. Usually the best settlements have one Eve who respawns and revives the town whenever it dies out.

That’s always good!