Spawning animal movement

So many times I have died as I am running into a new area and an animal spawns off screen and immediately runs towards me.

As I gather some animals are supposed to try to avoid you. But since the area beyond the animal from you hasn’t loaded yet they seem to only have one option - and that is to run up, down, or directly towards you (when you run east/west)

Not sure if you could code animals to move a few seconds later after spawning / being triggered???

In terms of art reflecting life, I feel this is appropriate. A real wolf will not stand still for you to see it before it attacks. It will just ambush you without warning usually in force. To be honest we are getting off easy with only dealing with lone wolves randomly wandering. In reality wolves hunt in packs. So a more accurate response would be if one wolf sees you then howls all the wolves in a defined radius would attack. This is only one example, but an argument could be made for snakes, hogs and bears. In actuality we are getting off easy with hosrile animal attacks.

You just need to be more cautious when you’re in the wrong biomes. Even pigeons IRL learn after a few times. Desert for snakes, boars in swamp, bears and wolves in the badlands. Lives in the game is cheap but not cheap enough to toss away after spending 30 minutes building up a camp…

Yeah - but a lone wolf doesn’t come after a fully grown adult. And for the most part they move away from an adult in game too

Also - I have been killed by many snakes in the middle of a snow biome!


The world is a hazardous place, I usually try to listen for snakes. Wolfs are just crazy little monsters, I sware it sometimes dosn’t matter what age I am they try to swipe me alot. Boars usually run away but im still cautious. The biggest thing that I’ve been doing more is avoiding areas I cannot see behind trees, mind you if im in the middle of a green area it dosn’t matter, but anywhere else I try to treat trees as a death trap.