(Split topic) Discussion about to raise or not to raise babys

Why do you think that only the eu2 server is allowed to do that? If it is done on all servers, the game nature will collapse

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I’m confused. Allowed to do what exactly?

Im confused.why women in the world can decide themselves not to have a baby,but this game must raise them.
One hour life.its just life.

I seem like you occupy the eu2 server

I usually play on eu2 but I do not occupy the server. I simply want to chose the people I play with there. I am not forbidding other players to play there but I do have the choice whether I want them as my kid in my town.

I own a friends server but I just like to play on eu2 where I know most of the roads, developed towns and some other players. What about the time I put in to build my place… It would not be fair to just ask us to start over. I’m fine with playing in another server like us beginners to earn FPs and playing solo in eu2, I play there occasionally whenever I want a family anyway.

I think it’s a good idea to choose whether to have children or not, but it’s better for eve to make this choice, which can reduce griefers

I changed to the current Eve system, so I gave up to stick to the town, and now I think the town will disappear.
I think this game is to start over from the beginning.

Choice not to raise children
As eu2 is a special culture, it will not be valid in JP

Are you worried about losing your town on the es2 server due to server updates?

If this is eliminated and there is nothing else to worry about, is there no loss?

If the mother chooses to have a child, it can only be born as an eve on the server, and this game collapses.

This game is a game that connects family lines.

You can choose to have children, some people can choose not to have children, if you have been maliciously destroyed, you should be able to understand that we can not guarantee that every child is a good player.

I think it’s wrong to pick people on a public server. Why don’t you do it on a private server?

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If you do not want to give birth, we recommend a single server.

I think the opinion of Shnappers deserves consideration. But your opinion denies your family line.

Even if I understand it, it is a game that connects family lines.

Sayuchan if your asking that question it would seem you havnt had griefers ruin all of your towns. What i mean by that statement is have you been a eve built a nice town then the 2nd or 3rd generation ruins it? Have You respawned as eve again in the same town fix everything then its destroyed again. And again. And again. Get my point? Even though you kept letting babies live because you wanted to share your creation with them they killed you or destroyed your town. Your work. Your hours of time invested all down the drain but not just once but tens or even hundreds of times?

So you give up on making towns to play on other players towns. But griefers destroy that town again… And again. And again.

So you build your own town again it gets griefed. Whats the best way to protect it? You solo play of course. But that gets boring so whats next. You have friends that you know friends that you can comunicate with and want to play with you. So you play with them in the town but dont allow babys that you cant trust because nine times out of ten they destroy all of your work.

So just to be clear. I like the idea of playing with random players. I also like the idea of people providing constructive advice and criticisms. And if you read back on my posts since ive joined the forums that i also believe that griefing is a valid part of the game as long as its not so umbalanced it makes it impossible for normal players to play the game.

So the point of this statement is that your last statement was unfair considering that it denies all reason of how or why a player is in the state they are.

I don’t think it’s just eu2. Servers with low populations like Singapore and us1 are the same because solo players intentionally pick servers with low populations due to the eve spawn mechanism. I don’t need a point about the game. I just wanna play the way I like.

I think she is talking about the option of being infertile. That way random players would not be born to you if you don want kids.

Like I said a million times before, l own a friends server but I just like to play on eu2 for many reasons. How is it wrong to choose whom I get to play with? Women in real world can choose abortion but in a game we get what we get and have to live with it?

Looked like i missed one of the messages in the other topic so i moved it here. Now yall keep the discusion civil im watching >.> lol

I think that you understand, but it only works on servers with a small population.

Since I can not speak English at JP, I did not choose solo play on a public server.

It is considered that childcare abandonment is cursed on jp servers.
I consider childcare abandonment to be special. It is a game that originally connects family lines

Players who have a large population will benefit if they get points. There are many players who usually connect family lines and endure tragedy.
Do you think several solo players can not miss some losses?

you don’t get to defined the game

I was short of words. Excuse me.
I imagine that if we give everyone a choice of infertility, we all want to be infertile.
If everyone has the option of not giving birth, your family will be lost.

Even connecting family lines will be bothersome.

I do not want such a game.

Also, I do not think that there is infertility in the primordial age

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