Spwaned as mute

Hello, I just wanted to say that the mute bug is back :frowning: so sad I had children and could not name them nor myself, people were asking me stuff and I couldn’t answer, I had a child that was nagging constantly for me to name her lol I tried to make weird movements hoping they’d understand to no use lol
Hope this gets fixed soon, it’s been accruing more often with me.
I’m on android

Sorry to hear it went back. If I understand you correctly the name button showed and jumped but clicking on it did not bring up the touch keyboard, right?

Yeah the name button and the keyboard both did not show up when I press

The same thing happens to me too sometimes, usually after I live a few lives. I just leave the game as a baby and start up the app again, that fixes it for awhile.

Gotta say - this has never happened to me. I play mainly on sg server and on iPhone 6

It’s an Android only issue (and only some android devices).

Calling up the keyboard is an OS feature. It’s not supposed to fail, and yet it does. Really hard to fix, since it’s either Google or the manufacturer who does something wrong. :frowning: