Stability Issues

Something I’ve said before but the stability on the mobile version is a big issue. Being well into an awesome game and then getting disconnected because someone txt’s your phone, calls you (even when you hang up on them straight away) or I walk past my microwave in my house is ridiculous. It isn’t your fault if someone rings you or txt’s you and you shouldn’t be punished because of it.

No other programs or apps or games self destruct when doing these things.

It doesn’t happen every time, but seems to more so when you are in the middle of an action (which is almost always). I have been able to stop, make a 10sec phone call and come back but only if I have gone away to a quiet area on the map with nothing happening there.

It may not seem like a priority because it is an issue of lag from the phone to the server rather then the server itself but as a player it makes me wanna delete the game entirely, it is a game breaker! Dealing with this should really be a priority while you get new players who might throw away the game after getting kicked out a few times.

Just saying

Sorry this problem remains. I totally agree with you. This is really frustrating and needs to be fixed. I’m currently in the middle of thing. Once I’m done with that I will look into this again.