Stackable items and planting of juniper tree

when town grows, storage will be the biggest problem, especially for the threshed wheat, so I would like to make a suggestion of stacking threshed wheat in to clay crock.

Also, two tires put together can’t put in box, I think it will be better to make it boxable.

raw rabbit can put in box but will it be better if it can stack up to 6 in a tile? that case apply to limestone and carrot.

stacks of bowls and plates can put in box would help a lot too, also, seeds need to be stack in bowls, especially milkweed seed and carrot seed. If bowls with ingredients like wax can be boxed or put in cart, that would be perfect.

with the new update making newcomen foundation removable, the only thing which need to avoid griefers’ damage is to make juniper tree plantable, I once born as a griefer’s baby in Singapore, I observe my mum and she found a town with radio, the first thing she did, was find an axe and chop down all juniper tree in that town. you can’t really restore the town if no juniper tree nearby. Hope the devs can make a new update of planting juniper tree soon.


Yeah, let us plant juniper trees!

OHOL came with juniper trees eary :disappointed:

This is coming in the next update. There will be more things than wheat that you can store that way too.

Because of lack of tinder? Growing a juniper to fix that seems very slow though. What if we introduced an alternative way to start a fire instead?


if you introduce a new way to start fire, I think that would be good too. But the juniper tree will lose the value of existing in game :joy:

I really love the new update by making pork and yew branch more useful, if we are going to have a new way to start fire, I would like to have other ways to “use” the juniper tree. (also I would like to have more ways to use those ingredients found in desert)


The alternative way would require a steel tool, so the Juniper would still be good in early game. When people get an axe to chop them down, you will be at a tech level where the alternative way can be used.


You could also make wood shavings for paper into tender too. A little bit of redundancy could go a far way in game mechanincs.

i am not good in suggesting new items, but i have some more direction for you to think of.

would it be possible to hv horse cart with wheels for carrying more items?
for towns which hv higher tech, cars have been made but no one use it, because it’s not effective. everyone still use horse cart, because you need to take kerosene with you and no more rooms for other items. And that make car seems not worth to make, and useless (kind of)

also i would like to hv paper and flint chip dump in the trash pit, sometimes they are annoying and taking up soooo much space. :laughing: ( or we can simply burn the written note on fire)

climbing tech tree is fun but making things fully utilize is much better. When you think of an update of tech, hope you can consider how it would improve the game experience and make it useful :blush: thank you for the hard work again.

*** just to repeat @Mandrake suggestion, i agree that peace lily will vanish after picking up the seed for a period of time.

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Great minds think alike. :smile:
It’s the wood shavings that I am planning to use (and the knife is the steel tool that I mentioned). I like to increase the number of uses for existing objects when it makes sense and this makes perfect sense to me.


That’d be great!

The game become very difficult to make fire because the griffers are cutting down only the juniper trees.

But Juniper trees are not necessary for making fire any more. You can use Wood Shavings instead of tinder. There are also Ember Carriers and Torches that can be used to keep your fire alive over many generations.

Hope this helps?


Thx you so much​:heart::heart: