Stall from berries tree?

It’s kinda hard especially when we are eve to find soil. I never makes stall my own before but i know we need a lot of longshaft and a steel adze. But sometimes i see people building stall and close the entrance using berries tree. And i think, maybe how about building stall using berries tree itself? That way we get compose soil even faster.

But does sheep cannot get out from stall made from berries tree?

Sheep certainly can get out from berry bushes. The design with berry on the corner is specific. I’m sorry to say a full on berry bush pen wouldn’t work.

They can still get out.

Okay. How about wall made from adobe?

How about pondation of oven? I see a person made something with that (but he was trap and die)

You can do adobe, stone walls, newton block, oven but the rub is… make sure you have an exit. I once died in a pen because someone added wall on the corner where I was going to use home marker. I was trapped in there and starved to death. :joy:

And if maple branches are scarce you could always do any of the above and just add the fence gate.

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I prefer oven bases. If you’ve got a good swamp nearby then you can use all that adobe for something useful besides just walls

I make pen of fence, and someone warned me that it’s a bad idea. And he teach me how to make a perfect pen. Later i discover that i can make it from adobe instead. But then, someone warned me again that it is better to make it from stone. Because adobe will decay

Nah adobe ovens wont decay. Buuuuut on the other hand all it takes is some water poured on it to destroy them so the fence ones are better. Curently the metta would be incomplete snowman pens. Newtonblocks and adobe are easily griefed and fences are expensive. But the snowmen you just need the first two parts of the snowman to make a barier. And its easilly fixable by expanding the pen if someone trys to grief it. Because the only way currently to grief it would be to finish the snow man and then wait ten minutes for it to melt. Plenty of time for it to be noticed and to just add three snowmen to the back of the melting one. Also if someone blocked of the entrance you could easily fix it within ten mins.


I think fence is also easier to grief. All we need is short shaft. Adding it to the fence it became a door for the fence. The sheep will set free by them.

I personally thing adobe is easier though. Steal the adobe from the smithy bring a bucket of water over to sheep pen and and just start watering all the adobbe and make kilns. In random spots. While recovering from a greifer who atacks the fences is as easy as leading one sheep back into the pen. I actually think that newcoman block pens are better than the others just make sure you can enter it and make all four corner entrances since all a greifer would need is a rock or two to block of the entrances for good.

Ah. I thought you think that fence are better than stone. Yes, i agree with you. A pen made from adobe is the worst. It looks ugly and easily be grief (just add water to it). Fence is better than adobe, obviously. But i personally don’t like fence because it easy to be changed to a door and open it. But what you said is true too. Sheep can be guided back to pen and we can close the gate like nothing happens.

For rock. I like rock, but it also can be grief by using shovel. I’m not sure which one is better between rock and fence. Either way, griever always find a way to grief.

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Are we able to remove newcoman blocks now?? Im pretty sure when i tested that on the begginer server yesterday i couldnt. I made a pen but for some reason couldnt get through the corners even though ive seen other newcoman block pens set up like that… Well anyways i guess you just need a shovel? Do you need to put the stakes on it first? I didnt try useing stakes on it i think.

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Isn’t newcomen block has been removes from the new update?

I think it has.

Idk i tried to remove them yesterday and it didnt work. Onetech also doesnt say anything about it

Maybe the eve found old camp. I found old camp the other day and there’s newcoman blocks.

Nah i made the blocks and everything. Just tried to remove some fresh blocks that a griefer put down shovel didnt work and you cant put atakes on them. Maybey yall are thinking of half bell towers?

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Just checked. You can remove bell tower bases but not newcoman free standing towers