Starting from scratch

What is the best first thing I should do as an Eve? I usually try to make a basket get some food and find a skewer to set the home marker so I don’t get lost when I’m looking for milkweed. I always try to make hoes and start a farm. But I have to take care of my kids and that just messes up my plan for everything. And I try my best to take care of every one of my children

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Start as an Eve is the best bless that a OHOL veteran player can have. Your main plan is to start the roots of a civilization, and to stay alive. But allways remember one thing:

When you spawn. Run in one direction, always keeping an eye on what you seen. Try to find Green grass.
When you do. Run inside and look for food. Alway maintaining yourself oriented. Were you come from, were you are going, and were you are. ( If the place is not good look for another one)

If there is plenty of food. Run all the green biome border. Try to find water. Allways keep an eye for dirt too. Thouse are the main thing that you need.

Food, dirt and water. (Rabits too)

Make yourself a basket and carry 2 berry with you ( always bring a charp stone).

Find milk weed and make 3 ropes. One is for the bow dril bow, another one for the tool to make kindling. And the last one for a rabit trap. ( You also need a thread)

Alway pick up the milkweed when is ripe. Otherwise will not spawn back.
An always make your farm next to water… ( Literally: Next to water)

Easy way:
Hunt a rabit
Then: Pick your farm spot (right next to water offcurse)
Start a fire. Cook the rabit and eat it. Make a nidle out of the bones, and with the skin make a water pouch.
Start the farm.

Hard way:
Make an oven and make 2 bowls with it. Then start the farm.

Important note: Never start the farm without water. Never take care of a kid without a farm.

I hope this helps you and your kids a bit. Let me know if this strategy works for you.


Thanks for the advice, I never seem to be able to survive as an Eve, because I always take care of my babies. Never thought of making a farm first.

The problem with babys as an Eve is that they take around 3 minutes to grow, and they occupy your hands.

If you dont have a reliable food surce. Sooner or later your kids will eat all the natural resources around your camp, and when you must needed, you will find all your berry buches empty. Time is against you, and you will provably starve to death.

A veteran kid will come in handy later when you started the farm, as they will automatic take care of the farm.

Important: Always show your kids around. Were the water is, rabits, food, otherwise they will spend their first minutes of maturity traying to find out by their self. You are stuck with the baby for around 7 minutes any way, so you better tell them your plans.


Milkweed NEVER spawn back. Pick it up no matter what.
Ripe milkweed o ly has the potential to give seeds, which is good


Milkweed when piked at the right time it will grow back in around 60 minues. So your next generation will have milkweed.

This mechanic has actually changed. Fruiting milkweed used to respawn after 60 minutes, but now it doesn’t. The only way to renew milkweed is to harvest the seeds and plant them in a tilled row.

Good to know.

Yeah, I used to have a lot of trouble as an eve on computer, until I heard that it is ok to ignore a child if you absolutely have to. Some people may think it is bad, but in some cases it is the babies life for yours, or both your lives. You will have more babies later.

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Exactly what Sylar said - and a few other tips (correct me if I’m wrong as I am an “experienced newbie”)

  1. Make one bed of carrots seperate to the row so it is obvious it is for seeds. And tell your kids to leave it. Communities can die without seeds for future food.

  2. Never take the last of a ‘domestic’ gooseberrie bush. They seem to regenerate but if you take the last you will need soil and water to make it live.

  3. Taking the last of a pond water won’t make it dry forever but will make the goose leave which means no eggs

  4. Start making pies when you have surplus carrots. Especially if combined with rabbit. Carrying around a plate with multiple serves makes life so much easier and increases the food output of the carrot

  5. Try to find a green temp area when setting up (it’s a bonus). Green temp means WAY less food consumed. Sit babies there so they you can leave them for longer. Sit there while you look at the wiki. And if you go for a resource run start from there and don’t stop moving - you won’t change temp until you stop

  6. Smith tools - shovel first, then hoe and axe. A community will use up al it’s surrounding resources quickly. A shovel is needed to make a pond into a well for extra water. You can also make makeshift sheep pens with it which will lead to yarns of wool to make lots of clothing. A hoe is needed for longevity of a farm (stone hoes will use up what little milkweed is around). An axe will give logs for crafting and firewood for long lasting fires.

*** also from now on if you see me in game I will be calling my family “Dude” and my children “first, second, third etc”. It’s not so original but at least you may see what my game plan is.

Also if I die in an area, and respawn in the same family I will type “!” To indicate I was there before

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#2 is incorrect. You must actually do the opposite.
If your whole berry field has one berry in each of them, eating them all will be super wuick, and you will have to wait for it to regrow using soil and water, which may lead to a famine. (I have seen multiple instances of this)

#6 is also incorrect. Here is the order: Xe, shovel, hoe THEN the rest.
You need an axe to make firewood, which will really 8mprove your ability to make more tools in the future. The shovel is required to create wells over ponds that everyone used for your sweet pies before


I agree for the axe before the shovel but in fact if you are quick you can get both done at the same time. People around you want a shovel first but if you are forging an axe is handy.

Regarding domestic gooseberries could you clarify yourself. You say do the opposite to making sure you leave one berry - and then it’s quick to pick it clean, and then you have to wait a long time for regrowing with soil and water… so pick them all or leave some always?? I understand that picking all the bushes a little bit rather then one just down to a single berry is a good idea as well, so you don’t accidentally get the last one (if that is what you actually mean)

Pick the last berry so we can resoil them asap.
It infuriates me when the whole field has one berry in every single tree.

Since berries do NOT regrow by themselves, unless they are wild.

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I had thought this as well - in the PC game… but I swear I have seen domestic berries regrow on mobile version. I will confirm next time I see them in game. Otherwise I’ll edit my post if I am wrong

?? Bug that they are regrowing when they aren’t meant to

I haven’t seen domestic bushes regrowing but I’ve definitely seen wild bushes regrowing their berries

I always look for a grass land first make a basket on the way and start an oven.
Lol am I the only one who makes an oven first?

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I was like you in the beginning, but after several hours of game play I realize that the only thing that you need is fire. The oven is extra…

I like to start with the oven too so I can make a bowl. Feel it is essential for farming as baskets of soil take too long and waste resources.


Yeah that’s what I think too

Wait …can you make bowls on fire?