Starting out is way too hard... ugh

I love this game so much, and I play it every day almost. I know how to play, and it is fun. But starting out as an Eve is just ridiculously hard. Especially when you WANT kids so you can grow the family and get help, but everyone born in just kills themselves on purpose because of whatever reason.
It’s very annoying to a point that I have to stop playing. Many times I get a small area going good, and I’m more than ready for kids, but I’m too old to have them or they just kill themselves. So I end up doing all the stuff for literally no reason because why start an area if no one is going to live in it?
I just wish there were some sort of handicap option to make starting out new easier.
Idk, I guess everyone else does it fine so maybe I’m just way too stupid to play this game.
I wanna say I regret spending money on it, but I really don’t. I love playing when it isn’t a complete waste of time and energy.
Genuinely, being a woman in the game just completely sucks because you have to have a baby up your a** while trying to do all this complicated sh**. Or by the time you’re prepared for kids, you’re too old to have them.
But whatever, I’m complaining about something that doesn’t inherintly matter anyways, still, I want to play this game and I’m on the brink of tears because it’s so frustratingly impossible.


Maybe there needs to be a bigger incentive for sticking with a newly started base? Worth thinking about…


While suiciding babies will always be a problem, I find that there’s at least one or two who stick it out. I feel your pain but there’s this…

What you create is there and stays there. A newly spawned Eve may stumble across it giving her an easier start. I once set up a camp only to find a fully clothed body with a bow and arrow nearby. Knowing a more advanced village was nearby my kids and I spread out, found it, and moved in. When I’m dying old and alone in a camp I created as an Eve, I set up the farm with dry seeds, tidy up and die satisfied that if a new Eve finds it, she’s good to go!

I only suicide as a baby under certain circumstances. 1: When I’m born to a Smith who has all his/her smithing needs met but there’s no farm and food is in short supply. Then the first thing my Eve mom says is “Go farm.” You want to prioritize smithing over eating? I’m not indulging your selfish stupidity. 2: When my Eve mom just stands there holding me or over feeding me instead of multi-tasking to get camp going.

I think the tutorial should be more all encompassing to ensure players have basic skills before playing. How is it even possible that there are SO many in game who don’t know how,to make fire? Sorry, off topic rant.

Don’t be discouraged. Set up a great starter camp and take pride in what you’ve done. I also use alone time to learn new things if I can.


Yeah I get what you’re saying. Maybe I’m being more moody than the game deserves. But I don’t really enjoy building for some mysterious person I’ll never see. I want to be a part of a village and see growth and story line. The very few times (maybe 3 times) I’ve been part of a community have been wonderful and touching. I love being with others that sort of roleplay and do their part to create a family and life.
So I suppose that’s where my frustration lies, I’m expecting more than I should.
Still, I’m about to play again cuz I just can’t keep away from this gorgeous game! Thanks for the reply, you’ve kinda shook me out of my whiny slump and made me want to attempt again!


Hi! Yes that would be great, but I would have no clue how to make it more inviting for Eves. I feel bad to complain about a problem I have no idea how to solve.
Perhaps I’m just a bit too moody at this point in time. I’m about to play again regardless of the frustration because this is truly a masterpiece of a game. I can hardly imagine how beautiful it will be a year from now!
Thanks for the reply even though I’m being grouchy! :blue_heart:


That moment when the last female decides to suicide…


We have been discussing about a better way for the Eve spawn sistem to be suitable for us. Im a veteran player, and I have been in the same situation multiple times. Babes keep suiciding their selfs, just to be spawn in their old camp.
I want it to be possible to go back to that spot that I carefully picked, and them keep working on it until I have a bautifull town. I want everyone to love it and to live in it. I want to pick the spot that I wanna died.
So far that is imposibles, because the lack of players. My town keep dying over, and over aging. Without any purpose, with no body ever coming back. My perfect camp is then forgotten for ever, without a hope to ever seen another life.


I’ve always been annoyed having to constantly run twords where I want to be. 20+ minutes of running starts adding up when you consider the times you could be killed by an animal or the game takes the eve spawn away from you anyways if you spawn on a more populated server.

I’d totally love for eve spawns to be tied around an object. I suggest a sort of “shrine” where if an eve does something special (like burn wood in it) then the game marks that shrine for that eve. Afterwards if different players burn wood in it the shrine would light up, it would be a sort of “blessing” for that to become an eve spawn. If a player has “banish” tokens the shrine will become dark and refuse the blessing.

After so many blessings the shrine activates and that eve now has a permanent eve spawn there. Possibly choosing to be a boy or girl. (Adam or Eve) Idk if these shrines should just naturally exist in nature or if they can be built.

This way at least choosing to be eved at a shrine wouldn’t be a permament spot if resources do run out.

I like the idea of this game having more culture and history. (Books)

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Do you mean just like virtual village? Thinking about it , I had been playing virtual village on pc and also hp too. I wonder if the others play if before too .

I’ve played it before when I was a kid. I never did get into it so idk what reference this has to it lol.

I mean like this

Being able to spawn as an Adam would be interesting.

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First thing I really want is eve spawns to be changed back to what it was before. No limit with how many fertile women there are.

If 4 women are fertile I don’t even have to be born to all of them. I could be born to one and then die,then be an eve and instantly lose eve spawn.

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I mean like having culture and history. There seems to be a story to each virtual villages game .

Yeah. No body wants to be her servant. Smithing without building a farm first is stupid strategy