Steve.. Could not speak

My Dear mother. I was born to you today on the
De-normal-2 Server. I wanted to speak with you but couldn’t. The keyboard was there but didn’t open for typing… I loved you very much!


Too bad that bug is still around. I heard someone said if you jump out of the app but keep it alive in the background and then go back the issue might be fixed.


Yep i was that guy and it works everytime for me! (Playing on an LG G5)

OK I’ll try it next time!

I had the bug not to talk, it happens to me when I’m writing and I’m dying at the same time, then later in my next life I can not speak, for me it’s very fascinating to do this, when I can not write: I suspend and turn on my device and then I can ablar.

I will try to reproduce this problem using this way! It’s really helpful if the problem can be reproduced for me here so I can identify the cause much easier!

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