Stole your name (:<

Not sure if anyone else has this, but it seems like when i give a bb a name other people give the same name. Example: i name my child willow. 10 seconds later someone does that to. Does this happen more? Its a bit weird. Does this happen more often? Or am i the only one?

(Why did i make this post, probaly because i was bored…)


In the original game, there is a name list. Only one player can have that name wile he is alive. If the name is been taken, them the next available name in the list will be assigned to him/her.


It currently isn’t like that in the mobile version.


I often named my child with a common name like: jack, mike, star, moon, jake, kyle, etc. Sometimes when I’m being too creative, the kids often dislikes it and starved to death. Hmmm… So the best option is to put random words in my native language for a name. Once i named my baby “crazy” and they didn’t even realize it.


Actually, in the original game multiple people can have the same name. They simply get a roman numeral after them if they happen to have the same first+last name [for example, if I were Lily Johnson and named my child Lily, she would be Lily Johnson II].

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In Japanese server , there is a very big chance for you to end up with the same name too. We tend to use name we like very much . And such action also affect others to use the same name too. For example , I have been using 龍馬, タクミ、桜、かな、ゆり、雪菜、雪、春日and so on . And now , others began to use it too. It is fun right to see the name you like being used hihi…

That explains some confusing things on pc.