Stone hatchet for dead trees

in early game stage it‘s always hard to keep your wood resources high. is it possible to change it so we could use the stone hatchet on the dead trees in the desert? the hatchet could break but you gain some more wood for kindling and you don‘t need the hatchet anyway, you are there for the branches. a few more branches would be enough. no need for logs and such. just the dead tree giving some extra kindling. :blush:


I always thought 12 kindling will be enough for early village . But , insisting to keep the fire on while not smithing or creating bowls really use a lot of them . Plus . We now have to cook which means we need more . But hatchet is not easy to come too . Maybe we could just hit them with normal branch? For that I mean, dead branches fall down as we use normal branch to shake or poke them down.

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That could be a possibility. I am not sure if it’s the right thing to do though?
The tech tree was designed with a couple of “choke points”, where some things are pretty difficult until you reach a certain stage (metal working in this case).
This creates a sequence of challenges which new players will have to try several times to overcome, which is part of the experience. If we remove these difficulties, we also remove a sense of overcoming challenges, or “winning”, if you will.

I did already change some things in the early game, to increase the number of viable choices. You can for example get water without having a fire first. Since the latest update, you can also eat wheat without mastering pottery first. It is possible that your idea would make a good addition, but there is also a risk that it would give players too much too early. I am undecided, so it would be great to hear more opinions, particularly on the challenge aspects. Anyone wanna contribute to this?


I agree that it will give players a bit too much of advantage . But , it is possible to make it 1/4 or 1/5 trees to drop dead branches. Usually , the problem of not enough branches will only happen to small greenland . Small greenland may equal lesser soil too but it may be a mixture of different lands which maybe useful late game like mining bear cave, cutting rubber in jungle, getting oil and so on . Maybe it will slightly affect how the civilization will be build .
Either way , it won’t give player big advantages if eve build the village in big greenland cause it is easier to collect branches from normal trees.
But , there is something even more useful. Teaching people they don’t need to keep the fire on all time unless they need it .

i agree, the lack of kindling helps the players to find the right spot to start a camp next time. probably the better learning process to not increase the kindling.

the spot of the camp oftens defines the difficulty of the game.

i saw so many eves starting a camp not even close to water or kindling, which makes it quite an interesting challange. i mean if my guidence towards water and kindling fails, i often except the challange :slight_smile: it’s like play the game on hard mode.

but if gameplay is just reduced to water runs and kinding runs, i noped out, to be honest. if you run to much around like wild bees, there is no trust building and noobs will not understand what you are doing, because they only see you run around.