Stop oven griefing

I think everyone who has played a few lifes had this happen to them at least once: you make a kiln with an extra adobe for charcoal and an oven a few tiles away to make pies and other baked goods. A few minutes later a player comes along, they’re unexperienced or just not the friendliest of persons and they take the extra adobe and pop it on the oven, rendering the thing useless and forcing anyone wanting to smith to make an unnecessary trip into a swamp full of boars.

Ok, maybe it’s not the most destructive thing to do, but it sure as hell is annoying. And I think it would only need a small change to solve the problem once and for all.

Make the two adobes turn into a wet adobbe oven when you use a stone on them. Use another Adobe on that wet oven to make a kiln or wait for 1 or 2 minutes and it turns into a normal oven.
The wet oven could have the same color as the partial adobe wall or wet plates and bowls.