Straw, rabbits and clothes

Tired of standing naked in a ditch hurriedly bashing iron into convenient positions and slowly freezing to death? Well, never fear, for this guide will tell you how you might go about clothing your civilisation with relatively few resources. Assuming you have sheep of course. If not you’re gonna be stuck naked for a while yet I’m afraid unless you club a seal or use up some valuable milkweed. We won’t need no profanity filters with this tech-up.


Straw hats. Enough said. Any advanced town uses a lot of wheat for baking and often the straw byproduct decays wasted. Once you have a properly working sheep pen then you can easily sow up clothes by attaching a ball of thread to a bone needle. You can quite easily get hats for all, even if they aren’t the best ones, by using a needle and thread on a row of straw byproducts. Maybe use a little less adobe for a while so that you can afford to use the straw in this way. Plus, you can put a good ol’ turkey feather in it.


Every self respecting player, especially ones in cold environments and especially especially the boys, should have a loincloth. Once you have the luxury of a sheep pen you can make these easily from rabbit fur. This fur is usually saved for backpacks mostly but loincloths are relatively cheap. You can mass produce a job lot after only a few rabbit snaring runs. Alternatively you might want to make reed skirts as these won’t decay, but they provide less insulation and require hefty milkweed farms.


The cheapest of these to make is the rabbit fur shawl. Three furs and a little thread will protect your chest from the cold arctic winds. However you’ll need a thriving snaring trade to make enough of these for everyone. Also, it’ll mean there are fewer backpacks to go around which are more useful than a whole set of clothes, if a little less stylish. If you fancy avoiding the shawls, you could just tech up on the sheep as long as you have room in your pen. Make sure to leave one sheep with wool so it has babies and drops that life givin’ dung. Then you can make woolly jumpers which can also be dyed noice colours for your urban fashion to take off.


Don’t talk to me about boots. They look weird and don’t add much anyway. Unless you’ve just slaughtered a perfectly innocent nest of snakes and feel like using the skin for something warm. Or if you just want it for the style value then try fishing up a load of old boots. They don’t keep you warm but they’re the only shoe that looks snazzy, at least in my opinion. If ya’ll wanna make booties then that’s fine, fine, fine.

So basically if you do all of that then your town will look like a town of clothed peeps. Then you can get all high and mighty like Victorians and faint if somebody says the word “trousers” for a life before going back to living in a field naked again. Whatever you decide. Personally I’ll just be happy if my old ma gives me a cloth for the midriff and a fur for the chest.


Pretty nice advice!

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Now I think about it though, having read up on the temperature update, we’re really gonna struggle unless we can start making clothes and buildings early on. We can’t really make floors without iron tools but we could make a plastered adobe hut which would save us perhaps, or just huddle round the fire. Lots more milkweed is needed in any case before those handy sheep can be gotten.

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The snake boots can be used to carry some extra emergency food. The berries on them can be taken off by swiping them down on the ground. So if you find yourself without food around then youve got yourself an extra cactus berry at hand.

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