Stunning babies

I’ve had quite a few suicide babies over my last lifes and I’ve started to punish runners by holding them until their 3. They wanna decrease my chances of starting/continuing a lasting family? Fine, I’ll take 3 minutes of their life in return, and if it’s a boy I might get a 100% girl, while he’s off throwing himself at a boar or something. But it’s hard to do this; the babies can barely be picked up while moving and once in a while you have to eat, as well.
So I thought it would be practical if a mother could stun her own babies, as long as they’re under 3, by tapping them.
The update against abandoning babies has worked well, but it didn’t stop the suicide babies at all.


Check this out

Stunning babies will not solve the problem.

It might not solve it, but it might get a few of them to be so frustrated with trying to be born to a specific family that they stop trying and just play the game like a normal player.
And even if they don’t, at least their mothers don’t get punished with grief and like I said, I had a few situations where keeping a runner boy alive helped me have a girl after he turned 3.