Stupid greifer traps me in sheep pen

So just recently, I was born into a family in the beginner server. (yes, I know, bad mistake)

I had a beautiful wolf crown that I had worked very hard to make.

There was a lot of gold near our camp so about 4-5 people had crowns but were all leaf or carrot crowns.
Greifer man had one too.

I was forging when a man (greifer) told me to follow him.

I did, and he led me into the sheep pen. (pen had no sheep in it) and then got rid of the handle.

I had a son in there in which I named: “trapped”

Once I had died, I observed the man and saw he took my clothes and crown. He fed my son though.

Seeing as he fed my son, I realized he only killed me for my clothes. Stupid greifer!

If you were my son trapped I am sorry I couldn’t be there your whole life :frowning:


If the temperature overhaul had been added at this time then it’d make more sense, but currently it doesn’t.

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Theyre on the begginer server which bassically all but garuntees that their camp was dead set in the middel of a green zone away from desserts. Or more likely the griefer just thought it would be hilarious. Like snowmen sacrifices.

Like… i can’t even be mad about this. It’s kinda brilliant. Sucks though.

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