Stupid question

Pretty stupid question I guess lol, but i can not for the life of me figure out how to get smithing heads/hoe heads, shovel heads and etc.

Smithing tutorial:

  1. Collect iron in the mountain
  2. Makes a lot of pile of charcoal by putting clay in the adobe kiln while it’s burning the wood.
  3. Put blower/bellows to the kiln and fill it with pile of charcoal. Burn it.
  4. Using thong, put the iron in the kiln and then put it in the flat rock. Hit it with a rock or a hammer while it’s hot to make wrought iron.
  5. Put the wrought iron in the bowl, take a piece of charcoal from pile of charcoal and then put it in the same bowl. Close the bowl with plates.
  6. Repeat step 3, and then using thong, put the previous bowl to the kiln. After it cold, open the bowl and take the iron ingot from it.
  7. Use the thong and and put the iron ingot in the fire. Put it in flat rock, hit it with a rock to make hammer head. Put the hammer head in the stick to makes hammer.
  8. Burn another iron ingot and put it in a flat rock. This time , hit it with a hammer to make axe head, hit it again to make hoe head, hit it again and again to make other stuff like shovel and pickaxe. Let it cool when the desired head is found.
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