I just thought of it, what if we had for solo mode things like…only for solo though or private
Controlling what animals exist in game
Hunger toggle on and off
Aging toggle on and off
Creating a character, only for single or private
Toggling certain animals on and off
Toggle temperature on and off
And I think that’s it I hope this helps in some way or another ps I would totally pay for private or single :slight_smile:


I like it!

Thanks, question is which one? I would go for next age and never hungry

The question will be how much will it cost I guess . :joy:


I’m NOT paying for a game I already paid for

You wouldnt be paying for a game youve already baught. Youd be paying for a service.

Its like a theme park ticket i guess. You buy the ticket to get into the park it lets you ride the rides and watch some shows. But any food there you still have to buy. Or if theres an employee taking pictures youd have to pay a fee for it.

So even though you’ve already bought the game paying extra for private servers is not an issue in my opinion. Its not like they would be shoving micro transactions down our throats or blocking off 90% of the game in “dlc”

Its a matter of if you want to pay for a private server where you can play with invited only players. Or deal with playing on open servers where one outa every five players is a griefer. But all the gamplay is still the same.


Still that’s still kinda like buying a 10 dollar game and you have to pay more for more features

Games you already buy on mobile there is no dlc

It’s a problem for many people

It will be ok if I can buy it permanent private server thing

To a lot of us the extra cost would be well worth it. It gets old racing around furiously trying to make sure the next generation will survive only to have 20 noobs spawn in who try to chop down trees with smithing hammers, eat all the berries and then run off with pies and backpacks and carts just to starve or get killed instantly. :woman_shrugging:


Just thought of a cool thing, what if there was a thing for how dirty you get. I.e like every ten to twenty minutes you get a little dirty depending on where you are, and to get clean all you gotta do is wash your hands in a water source although be careful don’t wash in a big water source it’d be wise to use a bowl or bucket to wash your hands etc.
Idk if it’s a good idea or nah
And if you get beyond filthy, you get sick so watch your dirty/clean stages

Maybe a primitive shower?

Yeah that sounds like a good idea (^^)