Suggestion about garbage ( ゴミに対する対策)

Half decayed basket and also cart are mostly unusable and also ugly . So , I suggest that we can throw half decayed basket and also burn half decayed cart as they are not moveable. Flint chips can’t be thrown into hole? Let’s do it . Dead bull or bear can’t be removed . Let’s do it . Let’s make the old city tidy and clean fast . Please like so this suggestion can go through dd.
Ps. If you want any other thing removable, please suggest it .


I love your idea not only for PFS, also for general. However, these items usually show up on PFS and Solo server so why don’t you post on the topic, Voting for most wished Private Server feature . I’ll vote the idea to help you.

BTW, I wish I can skin a dead bull, and make bull leather.

I open this topic as Christopher say open new topic for new suggestions and let people vote. I think your suggestion is a good idea . We can skin the bull and make leather hat , clothes and even bag . And then we can cut the bull and eat beef. Cut bear to eat bear meet .Their bone can be thrown far away .
Imagine we can burn bones (human and animal) with incinerator and make ashes and throw them into trash pit (ash pit) , the city will be much cleaner and beautiful . But … this idea will be too drastic I guess as mostly we can move bone else where .

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Same here.

Half decay cart is dissappear after a few minutes. Boar is also decay if we cut it and send the meat far away. But I like the Idea though.