Suggestion for baby "language" problems

So ive watched some youtube videos for ohol and saw how difreant familys have difreant languages.

That got me to thinking about how odd babys are in this game lol. Isnt odd that you can have a baby and they teach you one letter at a time how to farm? Or even wierder how to make a knife or bow. Its also odd that they can precisely tell you theyre hungry even though they shouldnt even technecally have been able to understand what their moms face looks like untill theyre around half a year old irl and certainly wouldnt understand cause and reaction until far past 3 years old.

So i was thinking itd be cool if what babys heard was scrambled until two years old. And letters they type would be replaced by “baby noises” like crying or maybe a baby hicup sound or burp untill they are two years old.


I personally play on mute most of the time, it will be catastrophic if most of the players just don’t hear their baby crying all the time.
Considering that a minute is a year, I think that we are all good with the current system of the character increasing by every year passed.

Ah i meant that the babys would also make say something ingame. I was thinking they would show a crying baby face or something in a text bubble when they tried to talk.


Maybe when you’re a baby, you can press a button to make a :baby_bottle: emoji appear above you until someone feeds you.


Truly a good idea! I’d like this.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Good idea! I hope the creator takes this in. It adds realism to the game.

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