Suggestion : Foxes

I was thinking of new animals, and thought maybe foxes would be nice.

They will steal food that is on the ground, or grab items and run. Will not attack players. After killed by bow and arrow can be skinned for fox skin, then made into a scarf or clothing. Foxes can be bred for clothing, feed raw rabbit for breeding.

Wasn’t sure what’s the new art style for animals so kinda did my own guess.


I like it!

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I like this new animal, hopefully we will see new things like this implemented in the game. @Christoffer i think we have a good suggestion here…


I love them! They look very nice and its even beter made with your drawing.
This needs to get added.

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I really love your design and main idea ember :heart:
it would be nice to have a new animal in game.
But wouldnt it be better if we had an animals for both clothing and food? (Idk if you can eat fox meat)
Feeding it with rabbit is kinda tricky because the rabbits got a spawn rate and you cant breed them.
This also means there will be less rabbit for food in village and the fox will be more of a luxury animal like dogs.
We already got pigs that are fairly useless compared to rabbits or sheep, so i would like a “usefull” animal or make it able to make pigs clothing.
Also when the fox steals an item, does he drop it after a while or do you need to kill it to get your item back?
I can see alot of issues happening… for instance when someone let all the foxes out of the fox pen,or the fox steals the eves firebow drill🤣

Again nice job ember im excited for more :+1:


Yes! We need something new to keep us interested in playing.

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Thank you :heart:

Yes, fox meat is edible but hard to cook right from what I read on the internet. Most meats are edible to humans.

Most big towns have too much rabbit meat, people catch rabbit’s for backpacks but don’t really need all that meat. Fox fur is a luxury item in real life too.

Pork should be a good food. Hopefully we will get an update for pork to make it more useful.

They should drop it for food, or drop it when they are done playing with it. That’s how foxes are in real life.


What drawing site, app, program did you use?

Software: Corel Painter 2017
Hardware: Wacom Intuos 5 (S)

There is also a Corel Painter mobile, not as professional but it’s free.

I’d suggest Procreate. It costs a bit of money though.

Okay i wil try to try both!

Oooh maybe foxes could turn into cats :cat:

I love the idea of foxes in the game for obvious reasons. xD I hope they find their way into the game at some point!

I love your artwork Ember!