Suggestion: how to stop greifing

Unfortunatly greifing is becoming more and more frequent in this amazing game people who are litteraly taking an hour of your life in a few heartbraking moments. After a quick search on google it becomes pretty obvios greifing is also a problem on the desktop version. Greifing destroys family trees. Destroys trust. But most importantly it destroys the civilization. All that hard work gone. That us why I think it would be a REALLY good idea to add in the settings a turn pvp off/on. Off means you cannot be killed by a fellow citiszen nor can u kill. On means you can kill and be killed. So for those that enjoy being stabbed in the back by ur daughter they can leave it on but for the rest of us we would turn it off. Now mant of you would be thinking ‘i like the adrenaline of not knowing when someone will come up and stab me’ then I i think there should be a third option ‘pvp to others’ pvp to others means you CANNOT kill people frim your family how ever you CAN kill people who arent your blood and vice versa people i think this would be a GREAT addition into the game please post your ideas/feedback bellow!

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This has been discussed a lot on the main forums. Killing is only one of the ways to grief and has been mitigated a lot with the healing additions. Killing is an important way to stop other forms of griefing.

Also, I believe it was mentioned in another thread that the goal with this app is to remain close to the desktop version. Disabling pvp would be a big difference.

I’d suggest keeping core game design discussions on the main forum unless it is something that is unique to the mobile experience.

That is why it could be implimented into not only the mobile but desktop version…

Greifing over all is a problem, but killing is not. Killing is an important aspect of the game that is true to life. The person being killed isn’t any more happy about it than a real world murder victim and the motive known only to the killer. If this game ever gets as big as it was killing will be and ever present danger. The same as a bear of wolf attack. Personally I am looking forward to large scale wars between towns and villages.

Uhhh well it has been mentioned on THIS forum before that Christoffer isn’t against adding things that make it slightly different from the desktop game, and seeing as THIS is the mobile games’ forum, i definitely think this is an appropriate medium for this to be posted on, if there’s something you want changed about Jason’s game then go to his forum sure, but if you want something changed in this game post it here, that IS the point of the forum no?

I [quote=“LavishFox, post:4, topic:168”]
Personally I am looking forward to large scale wars between towns and villages.

I conpletely agree with u thats why there is the third option allow people from other family trees to kill you and vice versa now that i think about it this could just be the only option

I don’t know where I stand on the PVP issue to be honest, with the talk of removing nudity to allow younger players to play that then brings the issue of a child’s temper tantrums and let minecraft serve as a reminder

If they allow younger players, I will straight up quit. Or play only on my invite only server. Nothing kills a mature natured game faster than letting children play. My reasons:
-The majority of children are incapable of critical thinking.
-Temper tantrums will kill civilization faster than the apocalypse.
-Remember what happened to call of duty and how Fortnite is right now.
-I could list more but I think the point got across.