Suggestions after update 2.20.0 (Gooseberry, Bread and Sheep Skin)

(1)Gooseberry bush
Before this update, gooseberry is the main food resources, especially
for a big family. However, gooseberry will despawn and dry soon now. Many kids died cuz they can’t find enough food.
Why do people like gooseberry? Because it is stable, easy to maintain, and provides a lot of food point.
No food in the game has such a function like gooseberry.
People like chatting near gooseberry farm.
Additionally, if your kids forget to put soil on gooseberry bush, you need to replant it when next time you log in game.
I think many players had this experience - all farm dried and all wild gooseberry emptied, the famine. This situation was often happened before this update. Undoubtedly, this update of the gooseberry increases the difficulty of survival in game.
Hopefully we can find a new main food resources or let gooseberry return to the way it was before the update or keep their berries.
It’s ok to reduce food points of gooseberry, but I don’t want it despawn.

It’s good to see we can pick up bread from plate and there are more functions of bread (feeding sheep), but it didn’t solve the problem - Let bread be easy organized, ate and took.
We still need to put bread back on plate and cut it. There is no difference. We just changed small plate to large plate.
We can keep this bread, but add a new type of bread - Baguette
Easy to cook, easy to eat (just bite many times without cut), easy to organize, easy to take.

Then put them in small boxes,

or stack them up in a pile

Another idea of gathering bread
Bread rack or Food rack
For sliced bread.

For any bread.

(3) Stick bread
This is a very interesting easy-to-cook recipe, but it’s weird we cannot put a bowl of wheat on flat rock…

We only can put Wheat Sheaf on flat rock…
A bowl of wheat should work too!
Plus, I hope we can remove stick bread from skewer, like cooked rabbit and goose.
And, I did not try… Can we feed sheep with stick bread?

(4)Sharing some tips of sheep skin
The update of no killing of shorn sheep can stop griefers to a certain extent.
However, if we want to make Mutton Pie, there will be many sheep skin.
Not many ppl know we still can shear fleece from dead sheep.


i like your ideas on the stick bread. would be nice to put the content of a bowl of wheat on flat rocks too (was actually the first thing i tried). also would be nice to use one skewer for multiple breadstick so you can do a lot of them (but yeah most people actually eat it from the stick).

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Ye! We can shear fleece from died sheep in game.
I just know that.
I thought many ppl don’t know.
So I shared this info. lol

yeah! I like your idea about using one skewer for multiple breadstick


Wow thanks for the shearing info! This was one of my main complaints about the update.

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thanks for the information about shearing! did not know this, also visited ace town for the first time yesterday and was star struck! it’s amazing, i was hoping to meet you! great place :slight_smile:

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You will also be able to shear the skin itself in the next update. Cheers.



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