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The avatars on mobile don’t look like the ones on PC! There’s a major point! Oh and just so you know it’s easy to sensor them just keep the ones you have for younger people and in the setting put a box that says something like idk 14+ or something cause I have a feeling teens kids and adults play this game oh and for single player can we respawn where we died from old age or at a home marker?

If they do they should add in the option to censor it for the little kids

They are different because updates on mobile takes longer to arrive.

Also for the eve spawn information here you go:

I feel like its unnecessary to have genitalia on the characters in the mobile game. I dont think it adds anything but more work for the creators to have to add in an entirely new switch that could become a issue they have to fix later. I feel like the game functions as it should so the little details like the art dont matter. As well I think the playstore has a policy on this. There are alot of banned games on the playstore that show some skin.
If this is false then I stand by my original statement. But new art on them would still be good XD

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I agree , the older character models are alot cuter in my opinion.
But unfortunately the fate on the pc version will arrive to the mobile aswell.

The mobile team has followed the same path as Jason’s till now and they will probably never ever change.

Well anyways the models are ready so I guess they won’t really start from scratch.

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Nudity was discussed and decided on during the beta period. Have a look at the thread here:

Here is the short version:
On PC you have an option “Nudity” which can be turned on or off through a settings file. Jason has it on by default in the version you buy from him directly, but I think it’s off by default if you purchase through Steam (I may be wrong)
On mobile we have chosen to always have it turned off. If it was an option to turn it on, the app would have gotten an adult rating in the AppStore and it would have been forbidden to sell it in several countries.

Personally I have gotten used to the nudity-off look, but I remember that I used to think that the nudity-on look was better. That was many months ago now though.