Suggestions - Fireplace, rose, laurel wreaths -

I suggest an item designed by a Korean user. (Her game name is “곰국”-Gomguk-)
I loved her design so much. I propose to the forum with her consent.

1. Fireplace
We use a lot of wood to keep the fire going.
After the griefer had cut down all the trees,
it was difficult to maintain the fire because it was difficult to supply the trees.
I hope the fire lasts longer through the fireplace,
or it will be easier to control body temperature in a room where the fireplace is built.



2. Roses
The rose is too small now.
I hope the roses will be a richer and I can use them.
It’s an idea using roses, and I’m attaching a picture of the door and the rose fence.

1)a luxuriant rose


2)A door woven with roses


3)A rose fence



3. laurel wreath
I hope we can make a laurel crown using leaves and decorate it using the rose or petals.

  1. To create a basic laurel wreath

  2. To decorate a laurel wreath

  3. Characters wearing laurels

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to how to fight against griefers.
I expect this update to improve a lot.

Please make many new items including the items I mentioned above.
Every time a new item comes out, many players fall into joy by making new items.


i like the fireplace idea :slight_smile: also it would be nice to have brick walls.

I agree with you Also I wish there was a brick wall.

Brick walls and fireplace would be awesome! And making roses look a bit fancier like you have shown in 2 I would appreciate as well. Good suggestions!