Suggestions for the future of respawning

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theres a few things that i can suggest that would make a spawning system where you have to raise children more accommodating for all players.

  1. Firstly eves who are murdered do not lose their eve spawns as long as they havent failed the other requiraments. And any murdered children not murdered by the mother dont count. Wild animals still count tho unless the child hasnt been picked up yet. Simple but effective.
    (The wild animals one is incase the baby and the eve both agree they dont wanna play together. If the baby starves because the eve refused to pick them up then it would count against them. If the baby jumps from the moms arms but wasnt droped by the mom then dies on from wild animals then it shouldnt count either.)

  2. Lineage bans of some form. Of course 3 banishments would ban them from the family but im sugesting that eves get a lineage ban that if they banish someone the *griefer would be lineage baned after they died. Players should be able to lineage ban themselves to but it would count against a point total forthem selves to keep their eve spawns. (Im thinking similarly to OHOls suicide command lifes)

  3. There could be a special server for solo players and role players (ie no boy cults, sacrifice first born cults, murder cults, war rp, etc). Im thinking it would be a copy pasted map style similar to event servers. Instead of randomly generated. There would be walled sections in a grid with preventative measures taken to prevent eves from spawning in other grids.
    Whenever a new player joins the server they are assigned a section and would have the option of being born a baby or an eve. The server would work similarly to private servers with decay slowed down.
    If the player doesnt play within certain amount of days they lose their eve spawn in that section and the next time they play on that server they would be assigned another random section.
    Oh and eve spawn mechanics obviously wouldnt be a concern since they are guaranteed to spawn in their section as an eve or be born to another family.
    I think this would fit in well with private servers. And the multi language servers because it would provide a difreant play style. People would be born in a limited area with a large but finite amount of supplies and could chose to either work together or to be solo. While in the other servers it would be the new style of mechanics that incurages playing together and discurages destructive behaviors, abandoments, etc.

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Thanks for the feedback @Mandrake!
I have now provided much more details on my ideas for rebirth and the replacement of respawning here:

You didn’t know these ideas before sharing yours, so I think some things change if you read the new topic:

  1. There would be no Eve spawns to loose, so it doesn’t matter how you die anymore. Children dying of accidents also don’t count against you, but children who grow up count for you.

  2. The default is permanent lineage ban for everyone. By burying the dead player, the family removes this lineage ban for him/her. Invoking lineage ban for yourself has no real meaning - you just don’t chose that family tree for getting reborn again.

  3. This is a separate idea. I think it has merit, but it would be a different play mode (like a permanent event) and would take away resources from the main game development. I think we have mostly solved it by adding private servers too. There are currently too many things I wish to do to improve the main game, for me to want to invest in this, but who knows what happens in the future…?


It would be cool to have a rp sever

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