Suggestions in-game /// MOBILE

I love this game but I would appreciate 2 things that makes the difference:

Some UI changes like a little icon that follows your nearby children so you won’t be losing them ( I know they make a lot of noise that you can easily recognize but sometimes they simply get very far )

Chat balloons following the player screen and getting smaller in the corresponding distance you are of the people who are talking

If someone got another idea, just say it here lol

If your child goes away from you very very very far, it is because their intent is to suicide.

Yep and that’s really dumb to do. There’s no reason to do that, I always take care of my children 'till my death.

Baby suicide isnt rare trust me.

Sometimes they don’t like the area, sometims they wanted to play as eves, sometimes they wanted this, or that, so they just run away and die.

If you see your child going away from you very far, do not try to take them back. Keep doing whatever you were doing.

It would be unrealistic to a long extent and if a baby runs away it is either the parent’s or baby’s fault.

I think that the long extent icon would work only if the sound of baby was still heardable

Maybe make them able to cry? By clicking on themselves

That would be great and funny, 10 babies crying and spamming in your screen lmao