Support families with afk women

I think we’ve all had it and it’s hella annoying. You’re born as a boy, your mother is the last woman in town and you do your best to contribute to your family’s survival. After some time your 38 year old mother gives birth to a girl… aaand she immediately goes afk cause waiting 3 minutes is just too much of your precious time when you join a game that will probably last for 1 hour. Sorry for the rant.

Too make it easier to keep those extraordinarily valuable members of the family alive and have them at least contribute to the town as spawn points for new players I’d like to suggest making the expression of a hungry person change. Most characters have a very content look on their face and I think it would help and be more realistic if it changed to a grumpy face if the player is hungry, injured or has yellow fever.


it would be nice when afk character wouldn’t starve and don’t have to be fed. And if they have a baby they hold it in the hands till 3.

So nobody has to be bothered about afk player.

That could be easily exploited though; if you’re born as a girl, you could just play until you reach the fertile age, leave for 25 minutes to watch two YouTube videos while your character doesn’t need food and just produces nameless babies and come back when you’re 40 to continue playing. Feeding afks wouldn’t be that bad if you had some kind if indicator when to feed them.

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Do people go AFK because their batteries die?

People have different reasons to go afk. I’m sure some of them just loose connection or their battery dies, but I’ve had dozens of kids that never walked a step after they joined. I assume most of them just get bored during the baby time.

Yeah, that might be a primary reason considering all of the networks being throttled.

why is this exploiting the system? what do you gain by doing that? also i see people could get annoyed getting born to afk characters. maybe they shouldn’t be fertile at all. its like playing with a bot with no brain.

You’d get your whole set of children, however many that would be AND care for them until they’re 3 without needing and food. I don’t know how you could call that anything else but exploiting the system. And if you made afks infertile would do more harm than it would help; Just imagine the situation I described above, your mother has 2 kids, you (male) and a girl, then your mother reaches 40. That girl goes afk and you and your mother who worked hard on improving the base for future generations have no chance of continuing the family.

so you rather feed brain dead characters in hope to stay in the family than using permanent marker?

I make a rebirth marker whenever I’m at a base I want to visit again, but it has only worked sometimes. If you’re the last one left alive and playing there will be no one to burry you. Feeding the afk girl has only failed me once or twice when she didn’t have any children until I died.

For the rebirth thing try getting players to bury you if you spawn in a town with ok stuf. If you see a decent player they might burry you especially if you get everything ready. Then you would just have to let yourself starve at your grave sight and they burry you .3.

The problem is that if you’re in a situation like the one I described in my original post there is a high chance that there will be no one to burry you.

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You dont have to be burried by that family. As long as your rebirth marker is set you can be burried any where by any one to be reborn to your special marker. And could be at any time afterwards as long as you dont create a new rebirth marker. Even if its been months or years.

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but didn’t they change it so your bones despawn after like 20 mins recently?

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Im not sure about the bone despawning time. But it doesnt have to be your bones from that life. Any new bones you make can be burried and it would activate your last rebirth marker you made.

Also if your on a server that you cant be born as a baby because of no fertile women if you survive to 60 its enough to respawn you as an eve at your rebirth marker but thats a rare situation. Might work on the no children servers every time though.

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oh thanks i didn’t know that.