Swap mosquitos for bees!

You can see in my most recent post (animals. Update suggestions) that im thinking of some suggestions for the game.
I havent mentioned mosquitos in there because i wanted to post this seperate and more explained post.
I was thinking how we could alternate the infamous mosquitos, how whe could make them functional and still be a pain in the *ss.
The main suggestion is to replace the musquitos with bees.
they still can sting you and get you sick, but now we are able to collect honey from them.

  • Add glass jars in the game so we can collect the honey, lets put that sand for some more good use!

  • Add a "beehive". I dont have particulair design ideas but it would be nice if we could implement the peace lilly somewhere in the progress to be the flower that provides the honey.
    Make it so we can attach our "bee in jar" and after the cooldown a jar of honey will appear and "consume" the bee.

  • Add a new tree type in the jungle with a honeycomb attached, make it so the bees surround the trees (like musquitos near peace lilly).

(Method 1)

  • There are no honeycombs, You get honey by catching a bee in a jar.(watch out for his stinger! )
    Then you need to attach the jar to the beehive so it can turn into honey.

(Method 2 )

  • Bees cannot be collected and you need to attach the jar to the tree (like bucket on rubber tree) and a full jar of honey appear after the cooldown time.
    This way you dont need to add a beehive to the game just for the bees, but the downside is that honey will dissapear when the tree is cut down.

You are probably thinking: ye but what are we supposed to do with honey?:thinking:
Well thats something for you to decide and think about!:wink:
Once again,feel free to share your opinion,point of view or improvements.

Love King C :heart:


I like the idea of having bees in the game. But i think they already have fixes for the mosquitos we just have to wait for server resets. The biggest problem people have with mosquitos is that they spawn in the wrong biomes thats because of the way new bioms were added it messed up the generation of the map.

But for bees maybe there could be hornet nests to where it acts like a bear cave but the hornets die if they sting someone or an animal. We could build a frame and beekeeper tools to safely farm honey that could be used with wheat to make cereal or used with bread for honey toast etc.


Or honey shampoo.


Hygiene is important lmao

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Oml, bees would be awesome. Make it so bees stay X distance from honey comb, then we can harvest honeycomb and put it in a box with a peace lilly nearby. bees swarm around box but you can harvest honey after X amount of time.

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