Taking a break

I am probably gonna quit. This is because the town I am in rn is completely ruined. It can be fixed, but I don’t have the time, patience, or help to get it all done. I am pretty sure that Swizard also might be quitting as well until the new game. I haven totally decided on leaving, but I don’t really see a better option rn. Thanks everyone for being so nice @NaraBrwn @JaneStar I am so glad you joined the forum. Please keep working hard and learning, I will miss you and everyone else I met. I might still play a little, and I’ll still be semi active in the discord, I’m just not gonna force myself to play every day. - Molly/ aka FoxVe


I would be willing to help you. Which server is the town in?

It’s new Venice. Aka dog town. On us beginner. It’s Swizard’s town, but I am in charge of it since he is always in Enigma. I wouldn’t mind help, but I don’t want to risk it happening again and all the stuff we will fix still be destroyed the next time I come back. It’s happened before.

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