Technical Hindsight

After seeing the success of the recent Eternal Cities event, it occurred to me that it’s success may be at least in part to something missing from the game.
If I live out a life in a family, apart from any last words, I usually can’t work out how it went without the family ties addition. And even then it only really works if your descendents are either still alive or willing to write down what happened in the family ties section, which they usually can’t do anyway because not many people have the add-on, me included. Perhaps this leads people to feel dissociated with the lives they live and therefore want to have a version where they can be sure to find out what their achievements led to, possibly explaining the event success. Therefore I’d suggest a system where, at the moment of death, a screenshot is taken of a player which can be viewed in the family tree. Therefore I could look down the list of my kiddos and see if my old apprentice Jasmine really did finish the sheep pen, or if the old city split off into seperate settlements. I think it might encourage people to get invested in their families. Otherwise it you’re left with relatively little to go on which can be annoying.

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That’d be awesome!