Tell Us Why You Suicide:

Since there’s a convo going on about possible disincentives in game for suiciding babies I thought it might be helpful to understand the why’s behind the seemingly inordinate amount of baby suiciders.

Do I suicide when born to an Eve? Why, yes. Yes I do. Here are my reasons in order of importance to me:

1: When I’m born to a Smith who’s ONLY objective is to get busy working at the forge. Yes. Smithing is crucial to building a civ. NO, it is absolutely NOT the first thing an Eve should be setting up. If there no farm but you’ve got a forge? I’m outta there.

2: When born to an Eve who just stands in the spot where I spawned to her, doing nothing. Guess what girlfriend? Another baby could come along at any second and we’re on a tiny slice of green, surrounded by desert, with one berry bush and you’re eating them all and overfeeding me. Buh-bye.

3: When born to a running Eve with one child already in tow. I’m just a hindrance to their survival.

I’d like to add that I absolutely DO NOT support the idea of any kind of punishment for suiciding babies. Frankly, I think Eves who let boys only starve, or refuse to feed umpteen babies are far more deserving of a punishment mechanic (but I’d rather not see that implemented either).

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People either want an easy city life, or a wilderness start, or just want to respawn in a particular area.

The game would be much improved if there were player choices for:

  • Respawning in a heavy populated area
  • Respawning as an Eve in the wilderness
  • Respawning somewhere nearby where you died

Babies running off to die is the most unrealistic part of OHOL. Giving choice to be Eve or not would eliminate most runners.

What a lot of people misunderstand about this game is, its not supposed to be easy. According to Jason it’s supposed to represent real life. With real life problems. Life isn’t easy, you have to deal with murder, theft, infant death, neglectful parents and death. Those that think this should be an easy game are playing the wrong game.


Thanks for your reply Raven. Are you citing your reasons or guessing the reasons others suicide as babies? Do you suicide? What are your reasons if you do?


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The reasons why I suicide:

  1. When I think they’re not ready.

I usually do this if a eve has given birth to me before they find a spot to settle, taking care of a kid and finding a good spot is difficult for me at least. Or if they over feed me alot. They’ll still have more kids later.

  1. A village isn’t making progress.

It might be out of frustration if I was born there before but when multiple people are farming gooseberry bushes and won’t stop making more bushes before we get a sheep pen it’s kind of a waste. If you want berry bushes to respawn berries faster pull off the berries on bushes more depleted than others and just put them in bowls. Berry bowls are really useful for kids and elders to have.

  1. Burnout.

Just starting over again is a real pain. To have to deal with people trying to craft iron tools right away before getting anything set up. Thusly it falls upon me to make more plates and bowls and set up a good smithy. At least I’m confident I mastered the process so I might be writing it out soon. I hate to tell people how to play because I want them to experience the game for themselves, but also I cant improve upon it any longer.

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This is a valid thread.

I’m totally guilty of the first one. When I make bowls, I make the tip for the bellows too. If there’s lots of wild food around, I’ll make a forge before farming. I always make a berry patch and stew before gathering iron tho, unless it’s in the biome near me and hard to miss

Why I suicide:

  1. My break is over/the train is coming. I shouldn’t play at work or when I’m commuting, but the game is too damn fun!

  2. Eve is wandering around not doing anything. Nobody should be idle when raising a kid. You can make thread, gather branches and make baskets while raising a babe. Then drop em off near a Berry patch and gather all the things you made.

  3. Eve is making a bow before a base. I’ve been mur-didly-urdered too many times by Eves who weren’t interested in survival

I have suicided because of all those reasons, but not very often. Usually if my mom says something friendly to me, I don’t have the heart to suicide on them, lol. If I want to be in the wilderness those times, then I wait until I’m old enough, then set out into the wilderness to start anew.

Thanks @BadKat ! Now I understand why some just kill themselves for no reason to me. See what made it confusing for me to watch them suicide is I’d either be in the process of finding a nice strip of land or explain to them in a nice strip of land their developed situation like the direction of rabbits, string, water and food. I have never suicided, which adds to it, because I could easily identify if my mother was capable of taking care of me. If not I’d start my own family in a better land.