Temperature Overhaul Update

It needs to be added to the mobile version of the game.


Ooh… I hope not :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
But it’s up to devs

Itll definately make it more interesting .3. I can just imagine the poor noobs who didnt even understand temps in the fist place getting rekt lol


I was one of the people suggesting an overhaul of the temperature mechanic to Jason (on multiple occasions), so it’s a good guess that this will find its way into the mobile version. Jason is still working out some of the kinks and balance problems though, so let’s wait a little longer.


I do want something to motivate players to make clothes and buildings (and this is a step in the right direction), but IMO the temperature shock mechanic is a bit extreme right now, and desert edges should not be completely nerfed. It would just make starting successful eve camps that much harder and kill noobs by the hundreds, and from my experience right now 9/10 eve camps right now fail before sheep pens are built, we don’t need more eve camp deaths. not to mention exploring would be made extremely difficult early on for eves - they would have a harder time finding a good place to start up because they have to stop more often for food.

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