The Adam And eve event

Just a Idea:

How the event will work If had one:
The game start with a boy And a girl (Adam And eve) And they start togheter a civilization! Adam can work (making farm,oven,iron things,etc) And eve populate the vill


Could you elaborate?

I like that idea. The only problem now is how do they spawn together at the right time as two players are needed now instead of one . Two people entering the server at the same time or nearly the same time seems hard . Have any idea how ?

Not in the same time because of the ping but Thats IS the idea

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There’s version of “two hours one life”. They have both adam and eve. Eve can get birth alone but if there’s adam nearby, she’ll get birth more often…

Great . When kids are needed, we just need them to be closer. If not , they are separated :joy:, it will be only eve.