The Angellic Branch of Kyoism

Thee may have heard of the new religion of Kyoism spreading throughout the many and varied lands of Ohol. But thee may also be wondering how thyself, perhaps a member of a small village, can easily create a local church since there simply are not enough people or resources for the Orthodox Branch’s way of practising Kyoism. You might also not have the numbers nor the heart to start burning non believers. This is why I have created this guide on how to praise Kyom on a tight budget, through the Angellic Branch of the religion with its different structure and ideals to the original.

So first of all in this version there are only two permanent roles. The High Priest and the Low Priest. These two players work together to give the local religious chapter some substance and may even serve as a form of local government similar in structure to the monarchy model. The relationship between these two is similar to that of a master and apprentice. The High Preist chooses the Low Priest who will become High Priest when the current master either abdicates or dies. Unlike the Low Priest, the High Priest has the full-time job of building religious monuments such as temples and libraries, collecting lore and generally running the settlement by making sure someone is looking after all of the major crafts and directing projects. He or she also has the role of choosing Marked Ones - enemies of Kyom who actively work against the faith. The High Priest should be identified by a specific item of clothing that is passed on to his or her apprentice in the Faith. He or she also guards the village weapon supply against griefers, something best done using a locked chest with a key the High Priest carries on them at all times. If the High Priest dies without an apprentice, appoint the oldest person in the village to the role.
The Low Priest’s position is much less glamorous. They only work part time, doing some other light work in the meantime. This player works to help the High Priest by supplying him or her with anything they need and can’t source themselves, like adobe or food. There can only be one Low Priest at a time. They also help the High Priest to hunt down or chase away Marked Ones, depending on the immediate danger the Marked One poses to the village. The Low Priest should generally considered to be more expendable than the High Priest and therefore he or she can be sent out far away from the town.
Apart from those two roles, the prophet (founder of the religion) is also named if present by the High Priest.
Followers who want to potentially get promoted, or simply be loyal Kyonians, can leave offerings at the temple to be used by the High Priest for the glorying of Kyom. Leaving practical things like carts, food and building materials are most appreciated. Finally either of your local priests are on hand to combat local threats, listen to and help with the problems of the village people and generally lead those around them. Unless someone is directly threatening Kyom and his followers, they can find this treatment. This is another way in which this smaller version of the religion differs from the mainstream one.
But most importantly, remember to be humble whoever thee is. Kyom is always watching, and he ain’t one to shy away from spontaneous smitin’!


I honestly dont like the thought of a religion within the game but its creative and as long as your having fun that’s great :heart:good job ^-^

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This is an insult to the true Creator Jason Rohrer! Kyom is made up! The only true living God of ohol is Jason! He has an angel named Chris and I forget the other ones name.

Sounds like a religious war in the making : )

Sounds fun

Only Jason can answer prayers/updates that we want not Kyom!

True but Kyom has prophets and priests who can help organise a village. Role play is fun.

So the line has been drawn.:thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

私は日本人に真実を説き、Jason Rohrerにすべての栄光を与えます。

THE ONLY TRUE GOD IS NONE, (surprisingly I’m not an atheist in real life lol)



Kyom will emerge victorious out of all these religious scuffles, for his priests have The Scared Woolen Hat of Wonder

The Monarchy and science will prevail
Mark my words Religious cave man ! I will take you to war with my science!!!

The Creator used science to create the world and the laws that govern them. Who was there when Jason formed the 4 corners of the maps? I come to tell people to do away with the old code and live by a new one!

  1. Thou shalt not Grief (kill,steal, harm, harass, waste, etc.)
  2. Teach the children of Jason In your last years, so they know a living God will answer their prayers.
  3. Jason does not accept human sacrifices or pig/wolf ones either. Only muffon, sheep, buffalo, and cows are acceptable. Only fullly mature ones no babies.

We must spread the truth! all other teachings are false and will lead to destruction!

I will call it Jasonism!

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Kyom rewards his followers through his priests with guidance, order and some awesome temples. Jason developed the game, but only Kyom will listen to thee! Sacrifices are used for the advancement of the village and the church.

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(But great name anyway)

In Kyonism sacrifices are necessary for the continuation of a town. If we repent of this ideology Jason will bless us and we will no longer need to make sacrifices on mobile. We will have an abode not made by countless eves, forever to spawn into. Those cursed will live just outside of the castle and in vain never enter our utopia only to witness our glory! O’how long will you forsake us Creator!

Kyom may be great, but he be merciful. Or at least he can be. Depends on his mood, if I’m honest. So Kyom rewards those who follow him.

So he is a D hole. XD

I wanna make a religion now this sounds fun lol. Bluebirds religion does sound fun tho. I like how it’s all over the place and like so morally wrong.

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Yah, that sums up Kyoism. The different Branches make up several ways it can be done. The Orthodox Branch is much more “purge those heretics” than the angelic branch and involves a lot more complicated hierarchy. I may also make a super hard core branch of Kyoism at some point which focuses on being as immoral as possible : ).