The bad side of too many carrots planted

Can people stop planting so many freaking carrots like oh my god. (It’s a good source of food) No. it’s not. They despawn and then y’all make so much mess when u pick the Seeds. You guys act like they have crack in them just like the damn berries PLANT SOMETHING ELSE. I’m tired of having my town littered with carrot seeds because you guys won’t stop. One patch gives u 5 carrots, and someone planted 6 patches… why the hell do u need thirty carrots??? If you put them in storage Tysm but it’s rarely ever the case. So I have to make a ■■■■ ton of baskets to save them. It’s annoying. Stop.


Isnt the six patches for enough carrots to ensure a healthy supply of fertilizer? And you can use carrots in pie to make carrot pie , carrot and berry pie ,or rabbit and carrot pie. Its also necessary for the sheep to grow which leads to mutton pie and cooked mutton.
Carrots by themselves are a decent food for the amount of work and they are a part of a bigger foods.

Aditionally you only need one basket to save the carrots. Use a empty basket on a full row of grown carrots and it puts all of the carrots in it then use it on a empty tile and it makes a stack of carrots. Those dont despawn as far as im aware. (Edit: hadnt played for over a year except maybe a life here and there and had forgotten that carrots despawn on the ground)

With seeds if your towns far enough your worried about apearances just build a larg sign and throw all the seeds on there.

Carrots are arguably more important than most other foods. Same can be said for berries since they are whats required to keep a town alive more then a handful of generations. Other wise you run out of soil to grow other crops. And with out carrots or berries you can say goodbye to any animal taming. Except cows and pigs but then how are you going to get more soil to grow corn for milk and pig meat?

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I know all the uses carrots can be used for, but when they plant them they just leave them there, if u want soil you’ll have to get tons of poop and straw which is just gonna leave wheat seeds everywhere. It’s just a mess. I’m fine when they put it in storage but all they do is plant it they don’t even it it and then it seeds.


I understand too.
They usually just unplannedly create large numbers of carrot fields and water them.
It happens by a novice player or a selfish player.
Carrots are either harvested and placed on the ground or in a basket and disappear, or large numbers of seeds remain scattered.
The solution is to teach them how the carrot fields work and how to preserve them.

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I have and it gets repetitive as hell. I’m not going to teach everyone who doesn’t know how to play how to farm. It’s also common sense like there’s other crops stop going crazy and just planting a ■■■■ ton of the same thing everywhere. I posted my opinion here so many people can see it’s annoying without me having to teach all the time. Almost everywhere I go I’m always having to say don’t plant so much bc it despawns that ■■■■ gets annoying man

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I wonder where “your” town is. If it’s on public server, it is not entirely “your” town and you need to be ready to face various players at different level of knowledge and idea. If you hate to face these players, I suggest you to remain in private server.
And as you said, if you see many players who plat excessive carrot, be happy because it indicates there are many new players and welcome it as a past of life. In this way, both you and the new players are happy.
I agree that there is no point in making 30 carrots at one time, but I also don’t see much point in posting your complain here in an aggressive manner, because if it’s done intentionally, it won’t stop, and if it’s done due to lack of knowledge, it’s most unlikely that the person who did it sees your post.

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Not only that but if its only six fields i feel like its not even a detriment to be honest. Back in when i played on the daily i could plant 30 fields if i wanted to as long as there was about 4 sheep and a large berry field.

I understand your frustration about the millions of carrot seeds and carrots going to seed and despawning but i dont think its enough to decide that carrots are practically useless. If your concerned about it just work checking the carrot fields into your routine. Takes like literally a minute to harvest 20 fields if you have a basket on hand.

Besides some players like cleaning up after newbies. one of the things that drew me to the game was repairing towns and restocking almost everything below steam power teer in a single life.
Also its nice to see my profanity filter i set still at work a year latter lmao

I never said they were usless I just think it’s annoying when people plant them like they’re the only source of food in the game.

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Uh yeah no. It is entirely my town. I built everything by myself so check yourself. Also I don’t have money to build on a private server, check yourself again. And tbh I used carrot seeds but when I had a small family someone used a lily so now I have to deal with them.

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“Takes literally 2 minutes to harvest twenty fields” that’s twenty baskets I have to make. You’re also missing the point of my frustration. Why the hell does someone need twenty fields of carrots in the first place. There are other foods, I wouldn’t even give a damn if they cleaned up after themselves but they don’t.

It’s not for that one person it’s for new people in general. It’s annoying and I’m tired of being nice about it. “Please don’t plant so many” “why?” “Because it makes a mess and they despawn” “ok let me plant six more patches in case” like what the ■■■■, no one listens to me unless Completely rude about it and it’s just… I don’t want to be rude it’s exhausting but no one stops unless I am.

You seem to be missing the point im making. You only need one basket. Just put the carrots in piles on the ground. I dont think they despawn but even if they do im sure they last for at least 3 hours. You only need one basket to harvest them just swipe the basket on the full row it puts all five carrots in then swipe it on the ground and it will stack all 5 on the ground.

And as for the 20 fields it was something i would do to challenge my self and revitalize dying towns. 6 fields (or 30 of the carrots) were for my eating, 2 fields (10 carrots) were typically for seeds incase the other players harvested them for no reason (this was before you could water grown carrots to ensure seeds) 2 fields for feeding baby sheep for manure this was before sheep would poop when regrowing wool. Another two fields for compost piles to match the amount of manure. The rest were extras for the ones people would eat while i was working and any left overs i would try and cook into pies before i died of old age or if there was a cook id spend my time planting tree groves or wheat fields until my last ten minutes which i would typically spend looking for iron or teaching new players basics.

And this was all before you could do the basket thing or even the stacking. Now its even easier to do.

No you’re missing my point. I don’t like the mess. That’s twenty piles of carrots USEFUL carrots on my town floor. And they despawn very quickly on the the ground it’s like 3 minutes and I forgot to mention my town is not big it’s really small, like it looks like cabin so there’s no need for people to planting 20 baskets to revive anything, I built it small bc I like small villages and I know you’re going to be like well use them. I try. I really do but they plant so much i can’t use them all and it’s just a big seedy mess. As for the big signs I have two, they’re both filled

does this discussion lead somewhere? or should i close it?

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Ah i didnt realise your town was a smaller size. It makes more sense for it to irritate you in that case. My understanding was that it was a larger town like the ones i tended to play in when the fellowship was around or some of the mega citys in the no children servers. Yah theres no point in producing so much when theres not enough of a demand for it.

I thought carrots on the ground decayed at about a rate of one for every 30 mins? I know the ones in the basket used to decay at about 1 an hour but didnt the full stacks on the ground last about three hours?
Ah and no we just had a bit of a misunderstanding about the scale of the town and the number of players accessing it.

Yeah I’m really sorry I forgot to say my town was small and I wish they stayed on the grounds for longer idk maybe people aren’t making them piles


Maybe you can start the conversation with " why are you planting so many carrots?", rather than “please don’t do it.”
In my opinion, if the experienced players gave up guiding newbies or less experienced players, it is difficult for this game itself to sustain.
Using No mother-child button or using carrot seed are another option to possibly reduce your frustration, unless your town is very close to spawning point.
(I still think everything on public server is public)

Some info from the source:

Carrots are easy to farm and are a good source of food particularly in early stages. A pile of carrots on the ground will despawn one carrot per 5 minutes, while a Basket with Carrots will despawn only one carrot per hour. Carrots in a crock with lid will keep forever.

If you just leave surplus carrots on ground, they will thus clean up themselves.


But you can stack them so that saves some foods?