The banishment system is a problem plz read and reply

Well ive been playing for a while now the 1st time i got banished was because i was playing on the Japanese server and i told them i was from the usa cuz i wanted them to know i only knew english not their native language but then they chased me trying to kill me couldnt then banished me and and took my things i crafted.
Also i got born into a family and they really didnt know how to do anything , I brought back iron no ore and made a pic axe axe and the basic advanced tools has cloths even but they randomly said i was griefing so their banishing me.

I dont want to play alone 24/7 just because ppl dont know what griefing means or are just being immature.
I bought the game to play multiplayer not play alone in donkey town plz fix somehow with your smarts.

Japanese is quite hard. They don’t accept foreign players. While usa server has lot of beginners so get randomly banned is always a problem. Did you play in Singapore server? If so, you could join my town and play together

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Some people on Japanese servers are very rude. I raised children on their servers and built a new common engine. But they kept shouting to me in Korean, “Go back to your server.” I’m just a Korean who doesn’t speak Japanese and speaks English. They are racist. My mom and some Japanese apologized to me, but I haven’t been to a Japanese server since then.