The banishment system?

The Banishment system sucks as in if nobody likes you they can banish you. The salt on the wound however, is that sometimes banishment can result in you having to play multiple days by yorself as you won’t spawn with players and players won’t spawn as children. This is infuriating as recently I was banished by a civilization. I had made outfits for myself on the Japanese server using snares. A guy named 阿达吗 got mad because i was apparently hogging all the rabbit. And preceded to stab me with a knife. After i rightfully clicked to banish him, everyone started banishing me! I was minding my own business and now i can’t play with players for another week because of it. The fact that i learned about the banishment system after being banished for a week beforehand just poured salt on the wound. The game is EXTREMELY BORING by yourself. I paid 4.99 to waste 60 minutes building a great civilization just for it to go to waste while giving birth to no children. This wouldn’t be a problem if the banishment system wasn’t so heavily reliant on player interaction, because players can be ***holes. I got banished once for picking up a backpack the was apparently someones someone else’s. And this also wouldn’t be bad if the banishment time was reduced to a day. It gets the player out of the civilizations hair and the banished player isn’t asking for their money back because they have to wait a week to play with others. Bing bang boom problem solved. I’m just so upset because i love this game to death but now I can’t play it for a week right after coming back from a weeks banishment. Its frustrating because ithe game is built from player interaction. And without it, it’s just a boring wasteland just begging for a refund. I hope the banishment system seriously gets tweaked because it hurts the game more than helps it.

This is how the system works:

The time sentence starts at 30 minutes, then 1h, 2h, 4h and max 5 hours (of play time).


Are you speaking Japanese? Japanese sometimes a little bit salty to non Japanese players.

Then why can’t i connect with any players, its been 3 days. And I’m still banished, i wish it was 5 hours only

Is your speech bubble black or white?

Agree that Japanese are sometimes salty and they have their untold rules, which often differs from server to server, or person to person. I guess this untold rules let them build well developed villages while make others confused. I don’t know whether it is good to have such rules or not. BTW, if the name of the person who stabbed you is accurate, it’s not Japanese characters

Again, you have to have been banished 5 times in a row before you would get 5 hours time sentence. On the chance that you are the victim of some bug in the system, could you please PM me your UUID? I will ask someone to pull your BP stats from the database and see if something looks weird.

I’ve been banished twice now for reasons that don’t make sense! Surely it’s not fair that without any cause people can gang up and banish a player. It’s a waste of my time and ruins part of the app for me, was having a really good time and then suddenly I have to spend the next 3 hours alone in the wilderness.

It’s weird, I’ve played for over a year I’ve never been to donkey town, I’ve been banished by a bunch of trolls/noobs tho but not enough to deal with any consequences.

I feel like in order for someone to get banished enough to have consequences,you could have said something rude while defending yourself but…it does take ALOT to “innocently” get thrown into donkey town…

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I named all my children bruh and that got me banned hardly seems fair

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Quite literally a bruh moment.