The beta period is reaching its conclusion

Hello my beta friends!

A final update of the game is available for installing now. It contains a few bug fixes and the complete translations to our eight additional languages.

We have submitted this build to Apple for review, and expect to release the game to the public as soon as the review is done.

We developers would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your dedication during the beta. Many of you have spent lots of hours playing and we have gotten a lot of valuable feedback (and fun people to play with :smiley: ).

We hope you will continue to play the game, and also tell your friends and family about it. We feel it offers a very unique experience and have worked hard to make this release as good as we could.

Please take good care of the many (we hope) new players who will show up in the days, months and years ahead. They are our future family members and unknown friends.

See you in One Hour One Life for Mobile!


Have all the servers reset/been wiped?

No, keep playing in the world you already know. The spawn distance for new Eves will be raised significantly once we release though. This will ensure that the civilization will have to be rebuilt in more and more locations over time, as it will become more difficult to find an old city to keep building on. It will become even more important to give your family line good opportunities to survive and thrive.


Tears* congrats!