The cause of Eu2 murder

First of all, we are not raising children.
It is because there are many players to destroy.
So we are afraid of destruction, so we dare not raise children.
If all the players who come to Europe can do it without causing any damage to my family, I can raise a child, we.
Secondly, the reason why the Eu2 service was killed was because he came to my house and caused damage, so we only killed it
After all, whose heart is not ruthless, why we want to kill, in fact, are the mistakes of saboteurs
If the person who comes to Eu2 can do it without destroying it, we can raise the child
Without destroying the situation, we can raise children in the future, and we guarantee the people of Eu2


In the beginning, we raised children and loved children very much. But children hurt our hearts. In order to keep our hearts from being hurt, we did not raise children

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Yes, that’s it!